Energy management

Fit for the future with intelligent energy management

Due to rising energy costs, declining natural resources and increasing demand for renewable energy, sustainable energy management is of greater significance than ever.

In addition to our customized technical and organizational real estate- and construction services we provide optimized energy power solutions for our clients, investors and partners

As a development partner since many years we are involved in environmental friendly and profitable wind- and solar power plants and innovative energy storage and cooling technologies.

We focus on planning, construction, financing and operation of decentralized, demand-driven power plants.

Based on highly efficient cogeneration technology, primarily gas fueled power plants are being build and operated.

Attractive contracting delivery contracts secure a safe and continuous supply with electricity, heat, steam, or cooling to particularly sensitive industries, hospitals and other customers.

Consumers will benefit immediately from energy and cost-savings, without further investments. The state of the art power plants are being refinanced by energy cost saving effects over the time period of operation.