Finance management

Analysis, structuring, modelling and presentation as key elements for positive financing decisions

Decisive core element of every investment is the successful implementation of a tailor made project financing structure.

Analysis, structuring, modelling and presentation of finance- and project-data of each investment are essential preconditions for any positive financing decision by, banks, leasing- and insurance companies and institutional and private investors.

Financial markets create a high product momentum and offer an ever increasing, sometimes confusing, variety of diversified financing products. Increasingly even insurance-based financing structures are presenting an option e.g. for cash flow-based project financing structures.

The knowledge of the presently executed lending policies and the internal procedures becomes ever more important for structuring, decision and documentation of financing transactions. To know the right partner within financial institutions becomes vital for positive lending approvals.

Based on our proven track record of successfully closed national and international financing transactions we have gained a very comprehensive and still expanding expertise in optimizing the usage of available financing instruments.

What is important for you as an investor?

In this exceedingly dynamic financing environment we are at your side as your experienced pilot and professionally manage the various interfaces between your investment project and the financing markets, as well as the financial products and the dynamically changing business policies of the financing partners.

Our valid principle always is: Your investment targets and your specific project features determine our approach and our selection of the most suitable financing options.